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The planner made for travel nurses, therapists, and allied health professionals to travel with confidence

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Plan your year

a travel nurse packing list

Plan your assignments

With pages to plan your yearly goals, packing list, vacations, credentials, licenses, and CEU tracking.

Plan your month

You can keep track of important dates, goals, and monthly to-do lists.

Plan your week

Plan each day with space to write notes and goals for the week.

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This planner hits all of the components that a traveling professional needs during their assignment! It is easy to navigate and will keep you organized before, during, and after your assignments. It is also handcrafted and easily one of the best planners I've ever used!

Morgan K, Travel SLP

I got this planner to help me as I got settled in at my very first contract and I'm so glad for it. It's made it so easy to begin tracking credentials and licenses. I love the weekly spreads to keep myself organized, especially the to-do list portion. I think my favorite part is how flexible it is since the dates aren't pre entered (and flexibility is key in anything as a traveler). Thank you so much for a cool tool!

Healey, Travel OT

Love it! Wish we had these the last 8 years!

Ellen, Travel PT